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You no longer need to imagine an ecosystem of connected, engaged and healthier patients that have their entire healthcare information securely available anytime, anywhere, on their desktops, tables or smartphones. Doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies around the globe are already using STATUS on a daily bases to treat more patients, get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change.

Specific customers pains and needs

  • Patients expect their healthcare services provider to be accessible at any hour and to provide on-demand expert consultations or second opinions. Given today’s digital technologies, the idea of going to the doctor and spending 2 hours in traffic for a routine health check seems incredibly archaic;
  • Healthcare providers need to integrate the latest technologies into existing services, improve the quality of current workflows and address the lack of user friendliness of their applications;
  • Health insurance companies need to have a consolidated view of patient medical history and evolution, before, during and after a medical episode;

  • Patients fail to follow post-discharge medication or recommendations, leading to significant readmission costs;
  • Home treatment is a lot cheaper, but monitoring and keeping track of patients while off-premises is usually not very effective;
  • Current EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solutions are expensive and do not always adapt to the needs of health service providers;
  • Health Service Providers need to securely and hastily provide customers with medical results and investigations;
  • Medical information needs to be stored and shared according to specific regulations.

Our Solution

STATUS Healthcare Hub and Patient Engagement

STATUS is designed to take the interaction between patient and healthcare industry (doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies) to the next level:

  • Easy, secure and user controlled access to medical records for better patient-medical staff interaction.
  • Information organized on patient specifics and medical interests to significantly improve the efficiency of medical care and patient management.
  • Consolidating and organizing data from different sources (medical equipment, systems support activity, etc.) to enable easy monitoring and data analysis by healthcare providers or insurance companies.

STATUS is designed to integrate with existing HIS/CIS or ERP systems, not to replace them.

With the integration with Microsoft Skype for Business, STATUS is designed to take the interaction between patient and healthcare industry (doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies) to the next level – Zero-Distance Healthcare. By implementing standardized integration points, mobile apps and leveraging the possibilities of modern storage solutions, such as HCP and HCR, STATUS addresses real-world challenges and trends (mobile-first world, cloud-first world, connected health and IoT – Internet of Things), consolidating data from healthcare providers, patients and doctors in a unified medical record available anytime, on any device.



Connected & Enhanced Healthcare

  • Secured but easy to use environment for patient – doctor collaboration and share of medical information;
  • Quality insights on medical data to support decision process based on consistent information;
  • Recording medication and control of its administration by alerts and notifications (smartphone app, e-mail etc.);
  • Monitoring the level of patient’s medical parameters and graphical display of the values evolution over time.

Patients focused

  • Quick and user friendly access to patients files and history, including family history components, both for patients and doctors;
  • Selection of appropriate physicians for a first or second opinion at the patient’s request, who can also see their profile and rating;
  • Patient feedback for medical services;
  • Web App and Mobile clients for iOS and Android.



  • Better and faster medical decisions - Deliver clinical efficiency and ease-up the decision process with a positive impact over the quality of patient care;
  • Significantly improve doctor-patient interaction - Professional and user friendly way to interact with patients using an integrated application centered on patient virtual medical file;
  • Permanently connected, engaged and healthier patients - Doctors, healthcare service providers and health insurance companies are now connected in real time, sharing information, offering second opinions and delivering better medical services, even without patient’s presence;
  • Unlock the clinical and business value of medical data - Designed to help your healthcare business to be successful in a changing digital healthcare world, to treat more patients, get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change;
  • Hassle-free Electronic Medical Records governance - A safe and secure location for storing medical data with excellent capabilities for long-term medical information storage (retention, digital shredding).



Information Governance and Long-term Preservation

  • Complete patient history and medical profile;
  • Storing and organizing data from different sources (medical equipment, healthcare applications; etc.), with enhanced capabilities of data mining and statistics achievement;
  • Centralized enterprise-wide management of any type of clinical data;
  • Long-term preservation, automation of retention and compliance policies ensuring legal, regulatory and industry compliance; enforce retention rules based on a records retention schedule, record-holds and enforced disposition if needed.

Medical Information Security

  • Safe and secure location for storing medical data – WORM storage, encryption;
  • Secure access to the patient’s medical information and the possibility to set access permissions for physicians, family members, specialized healthcare providers for second opinion;
  • Advanced but secured sharing capabilities outside the company walls while still keeping control on data – the data is not moved from the original location;
  • Open standards that enhance the interoperability of various departments and institutions.



  • An easy way to collect and centralized patients data; a complete electronic medical record for the citizens;
  • Full history of documents and medical events for enrolled patients;
  • Medication schemes and recurrence (recipes, treatment monitoring);
  • Patient engagement & community integration - proactive care of population rather than individuals;
  • Population Health Management - maximize insight into patient treatment & factors that influence health & outcomes.


Why we are different

With STATUS every stakeholder can unify, store and empower secured collaboration on medical information.

  • Hitachi Content Platform Certified - Deeply integrated, leveraging HCP key features (e.g. data protection, metadata, retention, multi-tenancy and namespaces);
  • Great User Interface for different roles, Ready to Use Out of the Box - Due to uniquely flexible data management features, it can ingest, archive, and use any document, with any classification, from day 1 after the out-of-the-box installation;
  • Configurable, easy to adjust to any client needs - Because every healthcare client is unique, STATUS has a modular, flexible design that it allows it easily fit to any client needs with minimum implementation time and without coding;
  • Competitive Pricing - Competitive pricing vs. traditional EMR platforms;
  • Open to Integration - Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) and therefore content managed is accessible in non-proprietary format from any system (existing HIS / CIS / EMR / etc.) or mobile device;
  • Designed for the Mobile-First world - By using open standards such as Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) the content managed is accessible in non-proprietary format from any mobile device. Based on own mobile application for iOS and Android the users have the ability to easily view content using a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones;
  • Cloud-Ready - Designed for Cloud and SaaS providers with multi-tenancy capabilities;
  • Included document scanning with OCR Embedded powerful document scanning (StarCapture Desktop) with unlimited OCR and automatic learning for healthcare paper records ingestion;

Included fast thumbnail viewer for medical records - View PDFs, scanned images, medical documents directly from the user interface. Web based and optimized for viewing large images;
Electronic Medical Records Collections Ability to define specific set of healthcare information based on specific needs (sharing with family and friends, asking for a 2nd opinion) with advanced sharing capabilities (inside and outside the organization) while keeping healthcare information governance & control (the content doesn’t leave the repository, time-boxed access);
Parameters & Perspectives
Medical parameter monitoring with Graphic chart of evolution and history; the ability to define specific sets of medical parameters to be monitored together for a comprehensive healthcare status.
Interactive Medication management.
Current medication monitoring, history, schedule and mobile notification / interaction.
Mobile notifications;
Advanced healthcare records management & long-term preservation;
Enforce retention rules of business documents based on a records retention schedule, record-holds, file lifecycle management and enforced disposition if needed; Automation of retention and compliance policies, ensuring legal, regulatory and industry compliance;
Integration with Microsoft Skype for Business enabling Telehealth.

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STATUS is a solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

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