Universal Content Migration to HCP / SEAL & HCP

Our solution

  • StarMigrator Engine enables content and metadata migration out of EMC Documentum, IBM Content Manager, IBM FileNet, IBM TSM systems (other sources also possible) into HCP allowing decommissioning of legacy ECMs
  • System architecture is simplified as complex, resource-demanding systems are replaced by one Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) thus saving future costs
  • It aggregates both content and metadata on HCP allowing external applications to use it and searches to be performed independent of other systems availability
  • HCP content is stored in such manner that makes it easy for existing applications to use it

  • Content migrated to HCP can be accessed by other applications from day 1 of the migration process
  • It can optionally enable other applications to use the HCP stored information thru its standard protocols
  • No restrictions added on existing system architecture
  • Can be easily extended to decommission other legacy systems (custom Add-on).

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SEAL is the complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of a company either on paper or electronic. SEAL helps to streamline your business processes by optimizing the way you manage and archive your documents.

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