SharePoint Content Offloading and Advanced Document Capture & Records Management

Customer Challenges

1. High costs with the unstructured content growing exponentially with the SharePoint content spread over islands of information

Business implications:
• Extra $$$ for the IT - managing several islands of information; Extra $$$/ work for the information workers to utilize content as part of the business processes;
• Ineffective search leading to poor/limited decision making

2. Regulated Content not managed properly as part of a Unified Information Governance strategy

Business implications:
• Regulatory fines / Reputational risk
• Extra $$$ / work for the compliance team (DPO, etc.)
• Lack of tools to automate compliance / Extra $$$/ work to do it manually


3. IT - Scalability and performance issues with MS SQL in relation with unstructured content (blob), Data protection challenges & costs

Business implications:
• Extra $$$ for the IT (CPU, memory, storage)
• Extra $$$ for the IT (back-up, DR scenarios)
• Extra $$$ in relation with the DBA
• Lower productivity for LoB users in relation with the business apps

Value Proposition

Reduce Cost
• Significantly reduce Microsoft SQL licenses and/or the underlying compute infrastructure (typically Tier1)
• Reduce overall TCO by 30% to 50%
• SharePoint backup reduction up to 80%
• Enable file deduplication

Enhanced User Experience
• Unified E-Discovery with strong metadata management and advanced compliance and records management
• Integrated data capture capability with OCR/ICR

Comply with legal requirements / Improved Data Governance
• Move from ungoverned regulated content spread in SharePoint sites / SQL databases to regulated content managed and utilized as part of the unified information governance strategy with SEAL on top of HCP;
• User data identification for GDPR compliance

Service Improvement
• Seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint and SEAL
• Improve SharePoint performance

How it looks like

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SEAL is the complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of a company either on paper or electronic. SEAL helps to streamline your business processes by optimizing the way you manage and archive your documents.

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