SAP Archiving & Content offloading

Customer Challenges

1. High costs in relation with storage footprint due to duplicated content

Business implications:
• High consumption of IT budget
• Impact on company profitability

2. Failure to deal with compliance issues

Business implications:
• $$$ fines / Reputational risks
• Lack of tools to automate compliance / Extra $$$ / work to do it manually

3. Business productivity - Low business insight due to access to information

Business implications:
• Non-SAP information workers not being able to access SAP content
• No unified view across information spread over multiple silos

4. Poor user experience due to complex SAP interface

Business implications:
• Low user productivity

Value Proposition

Reduce costs and SAP footprint
• While boosting SAP archive usage through a powerful but simple interface, delivering the best user experience and fast adoption;

Stay in control of SAP data growth
• While reducing the TCO of SAP system with Zero CAPEX, pay per use and headache-free operations;

Comply with legal requirements
• With SAP content as part of the unified information governance strategy with SEAL on top of HCP object storage platform;

Reduce the pressure on IT
• With faster backup & recovery windows and smoother SAP upgrade deployments;

Increase business productivity
• While empowering non-SAP users to reuse existing data.

How it looks like

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SEAL is the complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of a company either on paper or electronic. SEAL helps to streamline your business processes by optimizing the way you manage and archive your documents.

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