Going Paperless

Customer Challenges

  • 60% of the employees spend more than an hour recreating documents that exist already
  • one document is multiplied in average by 19 times
  • Professionals spend up to 15% of their time lecturing information and up to 50% searching it

  • 80% of the total information within a company or institution is contained in documents
  • 7.5% of documents are lost and 3% ¬†from the rest are not archived correctly

How it looks like

Smart solutions build with advanced products

Each of our solutions was carefully developed to answer a specific business need. Leveraging our own advanced content portfolio we make it our mission to help your business harness the full power of today's technologies while saving you time and resources.


SEAL is the complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of a company either on paper or electronic. SEAL helps to streamline your business processes by optimizing the way you manage and archive your documents.

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Starcapture anywhere

An innovative multi-channel solution (in branch, mobile, from home) that reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of form recognition, document composition and digital and biometric signatures.

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