Digital, Mobile & Connected Healthcare

Value Proposition

  • A top vertical solution for healthcare − archive and access to patient file and history;
  • Consolidation of data coming from healthcare providers but also from patients and doctors offices;
  • Centralized enterprise-wide management of any type of clinical data;
  • Store and organize data from different sources (medical equipment, healthcare applications, etc.), with enhanced data mining and statistics capabilities;
  • Available anytime, on any device.

  • Medical information intelligently presented in the relevant context.
  • Significantly improve the efficiency of medical care through permanent and secure access to the Electronic Health Record
  • Increase Revenue & Customer Satisfaction with advanced customer engagement
  • Remote Care & Home Care with video-enabled healthcare
  • Improving Back-Office Costs with Paperless Collaboration and Process Automation

How it looks like

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STATUS is a solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

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