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Most of the time HCP is used only for few data sources and it is not used at its full value as a Unified Content Repository. Don’t keep your HCP waiting to prove his value for your business. Fuel it up with data and pair it with powerful business applications that your users will purely enjoy.

Specific customer pains and needs

  • Several times the value of HCP is visible only for IT people that understand the technology behind, but it is not visible for the business users;
  • Enhance HCP "storage only" approach with horizontal industry-specific business processes to deliver a complete solution, addressing real customer challenges;
  • Most of the time HCP is used only for one or two data sources and it is not used at its full value as an Unified Content repository.

Our Solutions

Star Connectors

Star Connectors for HCP enables Legacy ECM to use HCP as an external storage area and as a WORM storage option, enabling private-cloud architectures, simplified Documentum/Alfresco backup and restoring procedures (reduce the backup footprint by moving to HCP the files which don’t need to be modified), offering improved recovery options for legacy ECMs data and automatic failover and fallback with replicated HCPs.

Star Universal Content Migrator to HCP

Star Universal Content Migrator for HCP enables content and metadata migration from Legacy ECM systems to HCP, allowing decommissioning of this systems. The system architecture is simplified as complex, resource-demanding systems are replaced by one Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) thus saving future costs.


As a business software layer on top of Hitachi Content Platform, SEAL is:

  • An Enterprise Unified Archive / Unified Content Repository (stores with security, classifies, navigation, searching, retrieving, viewing and sharing)
  • Enterprise Records Management System (retention management, file plan, controlled disposal and updates, advanced audit) end-to-end system for Hybrid Archive Management
  • SEAL architecture enables different delivery types based on the customer’s needs: on premises, private/hybrid cloud or SaaS.

StarCapture Anywhere

An innovative multi-channel solution (in branch, mobile, from home) that reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of form recognition, document composition and digital and biometric signatures.


STATUS is an innovative product developed by Star Storage that leverages Hitachi HCP as a massively scalable,multi-tenant distributed object store solution in order to enhance collaboration on medical information, significantly improving medical care efficiency.



Rediscover the power within your HCP by connecting it with your other data sources, leveraging powerful application built just for that.

  • Decommission legacy ECMs: empower your line of business users with a powerful but simple interface. Forget about the headaches of your IT Support team with a high-availability / always-on architecture while eliminating the cost of losing or re-creating existing documents;
  • Improve SAP with Archiving and Content Library Services: a simple solution for you to free up SAP storage space, improve response time, system availability and solve performance issues caused by large volumes of database tables or old transactions;
  • Next Generation Information Governance: aggregate both content and metadata on HCP, allowing searches to be performed independently of Documentum / Alfresco SEAL is seamlessly designed to help businesses meet information governance requirements through its complex records management functionalities, leveraging the power of metadata, unstructured content and user experience;

  • Secure and scalable Universal Content Repository (based on HCP platform) with powerful but simple user interface for non-IT / business users creating great user experience;
  • Unified e-Discovery, Unstructured Content Consolidation / Unified Information Governance
    • High-performance Ingest
    • Full-text index & metadata extraction
    • Full-text search & e-Discovery for Litigation purposes
    • GDPR ready – metadata based
  • Retire Legacy ECM
  • Improve SAP with Archiving and Content Library Services
  • Enterprise Application Offloading (Salesforce, SAP, BPMs)
  • Compliant Records Management and Information Governance – including GDPR (Advanced metadata management for efficient PII Discovery).

Why we are different

  • Hitachi Content Platform advanced integration / certification
  • Competitive pricing (license & maintenance). Unlimited internal & external users licensed as standard
  • Great user experience, from desktop to mobile devices
  • Designed for Cloud, multi-tenant capable
  • Mobile-Ready with CMIS implementation and native mobile apps
  • Advanced imaging capabilities included as standard - document capture with unlimited OCR and integrated viewer
  • Dynamic Security - powerful and flexible security rules based on metadata

  • Information retrieval and discovery-centric, making it easy for the user to find and see the data (perspectives) – vs. the rigidity of Documentum (folders)
  • Metadata schema flexibility − dynamic adaptive data model for “IT independent” information governance and “adaptive-schema” indexing
  • Advanced secured content sharing (document collections)
  • Content encryption and digital signature support
  • Advanced Records Management with file plan, retention, and holds as standard − all these features leverage HCP retention and retention management architecture and capabilities

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Advanced Products Built On Top Of Smart Solutions

Each of our products was developed to answer a specific business need, helping you take full advantage of today's technology saving you time and resources.

StarConnectors for HCP

Seamlessly integrated into existing enterprise content management infrastructure, both for the end user and for the legacy ECM applications, StarConnectors product family allows legacy ECM repositories to store content within HCP appliances in addition to the usual storage.

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Starcapture anywhere

An innovative multi-channel solution (in branch, mobile, from home) that reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of form recognition, document composition and digital and biometric signatures.

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STATUS is a solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

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SEAL is the complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of a company either on paper or electronic. SEAL helps to streamline your business processes by optimizing the way you manage and archive your documents.

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