Unified Information Governance

Customer Challenges

1. High Cost and Lack of Efficiency with islands of information spread over different line of business applications

Business implications:
• Extra $$$ for the IT - managing several islands of information;
• Extra $$$ / work for the information workers to utilize content as part of the business processes;
• Ineffective search leading to poor/limited decision making

2. Regulated content not managed properly / Lack of advanced Compliance and Records Management

Business implications:
• Extra $$$ - Regulatory fines / Reputational risk
• Extra $$$ / work for the compliance team (DPO, etc.)
• Lack of tools to automate compliance leading to extra $$$ / work to do it manually

3. IT - Scalability, Performance and Data protection issues

Business implications:
• Extra $$$ for the IT (CPU, memory, storage)
• Extra $$$ for the IT (back-up, DR scenarios)

4. Limitations of the databases in relation with unstructured content

Business implications:
• Lower productivity for LoB users in relation with the business apps
• Extra $$$ in relation with the DBA

Value Proposition

Seamless Growth at Lower Cost
• Simply manage data from Terabytes to Exabytes
• Direct savings using the power of "pay as you grow" model
• Reduce the growth primary storage by >75%

Put Content to Work / No Disconnected Silost
• Reduce stranded or wasted capacity and better information utilization
• Achieve data reduction across content types

Enhanced User-Experience for LoB Users
• Simple yet powerful web based interface to support faster and better decisions making;
• Unified records management across tiers
• Achieve retention management, content indexing
• Powerful e-discovery functionalities
• Empower employees to function more efficiently

Legal, regulatory and IT compliance
• Reduce company exposure and mitigate risks
• Improved capacity utilization, Data Protection and Ransomware protection

How it looks like

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