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What is SAP Archiving

Whether you just added five employees or are on your way to the Fortune 500, SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies provide you with the ability to act on data-driven insights in the moment.

SAP Data archiving is a service which facilitates the removal of large volumes of data that are no longer needed in SAP database. However the archived data must be accessible at later time if the business requires it. SEAL Content Library Services for SAP provides an Archive Link interface to archive this data into a SEAL electronic archive, data related to any SAP business object (for instance: sales orders).

Like never before you can reduce your SAP footprint, cut costs, gain smarter utilization of IT resources and leaner systems while boosting SAP archive usage from a powerful yet simple interface that your line of business users will purely enjoy.

Market opportunity & trends

• In the current business environment, unstructured data represent 80% of the total data volume;
• Increased data volume and the regulatory compliance constitute an actual challenge for the system administrators;
• High costs for primary storage related to file servers;
• Inability to respect the back-up windows;

• SAP database typically increases by 5% to 10% with each SAP software release;
• Legislative and legal requirements urge SAP Administrators to protect the data and make it available for later retreival;
• 90% of SAP users are experiencing monthly performance problems;
• 70% of SAP customers worldwide have no idea how big thier database is or its growth rate.

Customer pains

• Overwhelming volume of physical documents;
• Struggling to have the archive available anytime and anywhere;
• High operational costs with old ECM/DMS systems;

• Fines and lost revenue due to compliance issues;
• Audit and lawsuits costs for delays in eDiscovery procedures;
• Large storage footprint due to duplicated content;
• Low business insight due to poor access to information.

Why we are different

SEAL Content Library Services for SAP brings together the extensive information archiving functionalities of SEAL Unified Records Management system based on HCP platform and the power of SAP.

• SEAL leverage Hitachi Content Platform key features (WORM storage, single instance, strong metadata management, back-up free storage, advanced retention, multi-tenancy and namespaces) and use it as an intelligent distributed object storage system to deliver the best functionalities for SAP environments;
• With HCP used as the storage target, SEAL provides a secure and scalable universal content repository for SAP content with powerful but simple user interface for non-IT / business users;
• SEAL Content Library Services enables saving ADK based archive files into a secure repository, built on top of HCP storage platform.
• Enable organizations to comply with legal regulations in terms of storage with SEAL on top of HCP storage platform.
• Enable customers to apply retention policies and to control disposal, maintaining document lifecycle governance.
Ready to use immediately: uniquely flexible data-management features, it can be used day 1 after the out-of-the-box installation.

• Hitachi Content Platform certified: deeply integrated, leveraging HCP key features (e.g.: data-protection, metadata, retention, multi-tenant and namespaces).
• Maximum flexibility for user access: unlimited navigational “perspectives” over the stored content and powerful security rules to help give access to as many employees as needed.
• Ready to integrate: implements CMIS and therefore is accessible in non-proprietary format from any system and from the mobile device of choice.
• Pricing: capacity based, 1:1 with HCP configuration (unlimited number of users).

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SEAL is the complete solution for centralizing, managing and archiving the entries of a company either on paper or electronic. SEAL helps to streamline your business processes by optimizing the way you manage and archive your documents.

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