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SEAL for SAP Archiving

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Replace Legacy ECM with SEAL

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SEAL for GDPR Compliance

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Boost your HCP Usage and Return on Investment

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Digital, Connected & Mobile Healthcare

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Zero Distance Healthcare with STATUS

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SEAL - Unified Information Governance,
Archiving and Records Management

  • Solve DMS or Enterprise Content Management needs for fixed content with a much better ROI than the competition;
  • Great user experience. Both web and mobile;
  • Flexible and easy to define security for enterprise wide use cases;
  • Includes unlimited document scanning and internal document viewer;
  • Dynamically adapts to business needs with a low TCO;
  • Build for cloud.

Status - Healthcare Hub and EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

  • Get a professional way to interact with your patients;
  • Promote your doctors to attract more customers;
  • Unlock the clinical and business value of medical data;
  • Improve clinical data access where and when it is needed from any
    mobile device;
  • Access a new and efficient system for remote consultations /
    “Second Opinion”.

StarCapture Anywhere - An innovative
multi-channel solution that reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions

  • Reduce data collection time by automatically taking the information from ID cards in less than 5 seconds;
  • Build-in forms that allow for fast review and if necessary, correction of data as well as the addition of new information;
  • Create disruption in a mobile future, particularly where competitors are able to gain advantage.


  • Reduce backup challenges by moving content from file system to HCP. Together with all its metadata;
  • Documents become available for searches by HCP/HDDS (metadata
    and content);
  • Apply retention at individual object HCP level;
  • Built in data migration from other storage systems to HCP;
  •  Automatic and manual failover/fallback with replicated HCP.

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